TEEL Paragraphs

TEEL is an acronym that we are using in our classroom to explicitly teach paragraph writing.

T – Topic sentence

E – Expand

E – Example

L – Linking sentence

The students were asked today to create a paragraph using TEEL that would persuade the reader to believe that animals should not be kept in zoos. Here are a few wonderful examples.

Zoos should not have poor defenceless animals in them. Thousands of animals have died in zoos, that’s more than they have in the wild. The zoo’s cages are small, stinky and the animals want to be free. The zoo must let the animals go. By Isabelle

We should not keep animals in cages because it is cruel. It will be really cramped. What if you were kept in a cage at a zoo? It would smell. How would you like to be stuck in a cage for your whole life?  By Rocco

Animals should be kept in cages, no way. It is dark and cruel. The poor creatures being stuffed in a steel cold cage for pretty much your whole life. These cute animals like pandas squished in to a dirty prison cell. Could you live like these innocent lifeforms.   By Jessica

Animals should not be in cages because they are so adorable. They have a life. They don’t want to be stuck in a cage their whole life. They want to be free.      By Sabastian

It is absolutely cruel to keep animals in a small cage and away from their environment. Animals should be able to live in the wild instead of a small smelly cage. Almost 1 million animals are living in zoos today. Do you want the poor animals living in cages for the rest of their lives? By Geraldine


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