Our First Day

Welcome to our very own blog 5S. There is so much to explore!

We had a very busy first day today.

We started the day by unpacking all of our supplies and the students were given their very own storage boxes to hold all of their stationery.



These are now stored safely in one of our cupboards.








We then went on to explore our classroom. 5S were introduced to our reading area and learnt all about choosing a ‘good fit book’ for their reading boxes. I have challenged 5S to read 40 books by the end of the year. They all seemed very excited to try. We have some wonderful books in our classroom and they will start going home tomorrow for home reading.



There is a new feature in our room this year. 5S’s work will be showcased on our wall for students, parents, staff and our community.



As you enter the door you will see our student pigeon holes. All notes home will be placed here for 5S to collect at the end of the day.

5 thoughts on “Our First Day

  1. yr5sk says:

    Hello friends,
    Yes we have only just started. I must say that we have had a very exciting start to our year. On our 3rd day a cyclone crossed the coast 35km south of us. Two days later another cyclone appeared on our radar. Luckily for us, this one left the coast.

    We are now starting to get a daily routine and look forward to our blogging adventures ahead. This is the first time blogging for our current students so we are currently setting up KidBlogs and learning about writing quality comments. We will be visiting you all very soon. 🙂

  2. Shardaina says:

    Wow,it sounds like a very cool classroom you have got. I would love to come to your school some day. Do you like your classroom?

  3. Lauren P says:

    Very good work, I’m looking forward to reading more posts on this blog, keep up this good work.
    You and your class can make this blog brilliant.

  4. Jen Bearden says:

    Welcome to 2014, 5SK! I can’t believe it’s a new year already–seems like just yesterday I was saying goodbye to last year’s class. Compared to our break, your summer vacation seems so short! Your room looks great and I LOVE the new look of the blog, too. The picture in the back is beautiful, but makes me a little sad for our own summer because right now we’re in the middle of winter and it’s been VERY SNOWY lately. I just need Spring to come!

    I am excited to meet this new bunch of learners and hopefully Mrs. Bearden’s class in MO and 5SK in North Queensland can make some great connections soon! We’re doing many exciting things right now and would love to learn with you!

    Happy New Year and hope to connect soon! 🙂

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