100 Word Challenge – Elli

I run upstairs to find the fire extinguisher. It’s not there, but I thought I put it there when we moved in. I slide down the stairs on my blue hover board and hover to the cupboard, but it’s burning up with fire. I jump through the fire and when I opened the cupboard door a monster appeared out of nowhere. It jumped out and pulled me through the cupboard into a magical dimension. I try to get to the cupboard but there were ugly monsters surrounding me. I think to myself, will I make it out alive or not?


3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Elli

  1. Jacqueline Grima (Team 100) says:

    Hi Elli, I really like this story and like the way you have written it in the present tense, this really draws the reader into the action. I hope you make it out alive!

    Jacqui (Team 100)

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