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5SK are currently developing their persuasive writing skills. Our current unit requires them to write a feature article about bats at Larossa Bay. Over the last few weeks we have worked through some of Jen McVeity’s Seven Steps for Writing Success.

Brainstorming was first on our agenda as it is so important prior to writing. The students were given a range of topics from the Seven Steps Persuasive booklet. We worked on this skill for a whole week in groups, pairs and then individually.

Students were then shown how to map this information on the Seven Steps story graph in week 2. From there we worked on TEEL paragraphs, Sizzling Starts and Exciting endings.

5SK then created a persuasive together around getting Minecraft into schools.

Creating for the Future

Students are clustered around the Minecraft stations creating historical digital worlds. Ideas are flowing in quick succession back and forth between the teams. What are they designing? Their future!

Minecraft would be a great addition to every classroom in Queensland. The program promotes learning through hands-on creativity. Students can recreate historical events, make math videos for peers and design animated stories. To enhance students’ education, Minecraft must be included in the Queensland curriculum.

Working towards a common goal using Minecraft enhances students’ social skills. They learn to communicate, work within a team and interact with others positively. Minecraft challenges students to build their confidence around others when building upon classmates ideas. Access to Minecraft will encourage the development of social skills within the primary classroom.

Jobs of the future will require vast technology skills. Students will need experience and ongoing access to a wide variety of new technologies. Programs such as Minecraft will lay the foundation for growth and pave the way for continuing success.

Minecraft must be introduced into Queensland schools. It will develop creative students who can collaborate as a team on a common goal. Do something now to provide our students with future career opportunities!

One thought on “Persuasive Writing – Minecraft

  1. Jo Munro says:

    Hi all,

    I was very interested to read about your Seven Steps to Writing so took a look at Jen’s website. Have you heard of Pie Corbett’s Talk 4 Writing? He is amazing and we use this method of imitation, innovation and invention to write our our fiction and non-fiction texts. See our twitter pages to see how we start with learning the text through drawing text story maps, then use this to start changing sections (innovation) which leads us to into having the confidence and skills to write our own story (invention).

    Keep up the great work – I really like the links to Minecraft!
    Mrs Munro and class5

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