Edublogs Challenge 9 A – A Great Post

 A Course on a Horse

I see the stablehand tacking up my horse. I’m all ready for the competition, I grab the reins from the stablehand and lead my big black horse over towards gear check. Lining my horse up at the mounting block, one foot in the stirrup and swing over. Trotting towards the judge, I arrange my position. I say what I need to say and walk, trot and canter around the arena. It’s time for my test, I don’t have a caller so I must remember the moves. I go through it as I trot and walk in my test. I am clenching the reins as tight as I can. I hope I do well in the ‘Preparatory B’ dressage test. Here are the steps to my dressage test:

1. A – enter at working trot

2. C- track left

E – turn left

3. X – circle left 20m diameter working trot

4. X – circle right 20m diameter working trot

5. B – turn right

BFA – working trot

6. A – medium walk

7. KXM – change rein in free walk allowing the horse to lower and stretch out head and neck whilst maintaining contact

8. M – medium walk

Before C – working trot

9. CA – serpenntine 3 equal loops in working trot (each loop to be a half 20m circle)

10. FXH – working trot

Over X – show 4 – 6 strides of walk before proceeding in working trot

11. C – working trot

MXK – change rein

KA – working trot

12. A – down centreline

X – halt – immobility – salute




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