Edublogs Challenge 2014 – About Me

Edublogs Challenge 2014

5S are participating in the global Edublogs Challenge over the next few months. Each week a new task is given for students to complete that promotes internet skills and safety. This is the second time that I have participated in this challenge and the first for my current class.


Challenge 1 requires students to introduce themselves. Students in 5S have been creating Popplets  to describe their families, where they live and interests.












9 thoughts on “Edublogs Challenge 2014 – About Me

  1. lochlainn says:

    Good work Dylan and the rest. I like how you used small things about your life. Keep up the good work lochlainn


  2. olivia says:

    I really liked your popplets you made about yourselves. At my school we sometimes make popplets. Do you enjoy making popplets?

  3. Mrs. Bowling and Mrs. Bubar says:

    Good luck with your Edublog Challenge! This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, practice Internet safety and improve student writing! We are also interested in trying some popplets ourselves as this was something new to us. They look great!

  4. yr5sk says:

    Miss Hobbs,

    Thank you for your kind comment. 5SK really enjoyed working with Popplet this week. We first used it during our brainstorming session and then later for our Edublogs Challenge. I am keen to try it with spelling to show the syllables.

    We would love to see your completed Popplets.

    Your friends in Australia,
    Mrs Scharf and 5SK

  5. Miss Hobbs says:

    Hi there –
    my class have been looking at your popplets today and are very keen to have a go themselves now!
    What a great idea – we’ve not seen these before but they certainly look very impressive 🙂

    Miss Hobbs
    Glebe School

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