The Bridge

“Look that cloud is an elephant,” I said. “No that’s a tree,” my dad narrated. “Don’t go too far,” mum shouted. But I was lost in a land of daydream and didn’t notice that there was only half a bridge. Splash! The world suddenly was all blue. I swim to the surface and gulp for some  air. “Are you ok,” shouted my horrified mother. “Why would they make half a bridge that’s just” my words stopped. I felt something hit my leg. Then a fin rose from the depths. Help shark shark I scream. The fin submerged then it …………………………..


5 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. Kayden says:

    That was a really good part and I love how you made your reader curious. It was all so shocking and unexpected.

  2. A'mya says:

    Nice, you left me curious and I want to read more. The way your mom and family reacted was amazing but scary.

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