Science – Unit 2

We are very excited to start our second Science unit. Our classroom library is now filled with many wonderful books about planets, astronauts and space discoveries.

5SK are required to research planets, astronauts, astronomers and NASA for their assessment piece. The data collected will then be collated in a PowerPoint in their student folder and published on their KidBlogs.

The ThingLink below will assist with Part A which requires the students to fill in a data table.

One thought on “Science – Unit 2

  1. sdarrell13 says:

    Hi 5sk i have looked at your twitter handle and read some of your blog. It sounds like you are doing some great learning. I am a teacher of a year 5 class in Adelaide and we have also done some learning about space this year. You might want to visit some of our student blogs at to see their learning about space. Maybe we can learn from each other.

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