Questions for Our Visitors

1. What is your hometown/city/country?

2. What hemisphere do you live in?

3. Do you have any special features in your town/city?

4. What is your town/city known for?

5. What ocean are you closest to?

6. How far do you have to travel to get to a beach?

7. How many people in your town or city?

8. Do you share your town/city name with other destinations around the world?

9. Do you have a landmark?

10. Are there any countries that surround you?

22 thoughts on “Questions for Our Visitors

  1. Katia Cureton says:

    Hi 5SK,
    We love your blog! We can’t believe how many people have visited your site. Our teacher used to teach out your school in the room next to your teacher Mrs.S

    Our school is in Logan, which is a 25 minute drive from the City of Brisbane. Logan is a city outside of Brisbane and offers some pretty cool places to visit. We have Kingston Park Raceway, Beenleigh Historical Village, one of the only remaining Drive In theatres in Queensland and over 200 parklands. We are also lucky as we are half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast so we have access to all of the Gold Coast theme parks, shops and beaches.

    We are known for our wonderful food! Yatala Pies has been part of our history for over 130 years. They sell over 2500 pies a day! Just recently, Logan City has been hosting EATS ‘N’ BEATS once a month at Logan Hyperdome. EATS ‘N’ BEATS is a night where a variety of cultural food vans and live stage music is set up for local people to enjoy.
    Unlike your town, our beach is about a 30min drive. Our nearest beach is on the Gold Coast but many of us still get down there quite a bit.
    Logan is home to more than 300,000 people from more than 215 different cultures.
    Our teacher has spoken about Bowen as she was there for 5 years. It is hard to believe how close you are to the beach. As you are so close to the Great Barrier Reef, what type of wildlife do you get to see? If we want to see marine animals we have to drive to Sea World.

    We hope to speak to you soon,
    The Cureton Crew

  2. @class_6GW says:

    We live in Leicester, which is in the middle of England.
    Leicester is a multi-cultural city where there are many religions, different places of worship and many languages are spoken. For example, in our school we have many students who speak: English, Guajarati, Urdu, Arabic and Hindi.

    Because we are in the middle of England, we don’t have any oceans or seas close by, however, many people from Leicester visit Hunstanton or Skegness, which roughly takes 2 hours, to visit the seaside.

    Famous Landmarks:
    Beacon Hill
    Highcross (Shopping centre)

    What is it like where you live?
    What sort of wild animals do you see?
    Is it your winter yet and do you get snow?

    Amra, Dana, Sumaiyah and Asma
    Yr 6, Merrydale Junior School, Leicester, UK.

  3. Rowdy says:

    Our hometown is Red Bluff, California, USA. It has a population of 15K and it’s in the northern hemisphere. The nearest country is Canada which is about 800 miles north of us. A landmark of our town is the Cone-Kimball Clock Tower. It burned down many years ago but was rebuilt a few years ago. Red Bluff is known for its Round-Up rodeo. It is a huge event that brings in hundreds of cowboys who ride bulls and bucking broncos. Our town is way inland, we’re bout 200 miles from the coast however that’s okay because the water is never warm enough to swim in.

  4. 5SK says:

    Ms Sutcliffe,

    Thank you for your post on our blog. We thoroughly enjoyed reading about Zurich and how you can visit 5 countries in under 3 hours. That is cool! What is the school like that you teach at and what grade do you teach? How long have you lived over in Zurich? Do you have a favourite subject? Does you class have a blog?
    Kind regards,

  5. Owen 5k CPH says:

    1.Immingham England.
    2.The North Hemisphere.
    3.The biggest port in England.
    4. The biggest port in England .
    5.The North Sea.
    6.10.4 miles in a car about 20 minutes
    7. Approximately 12000 people .
    8.No we don’t.
    9.The Pilgrims Stones. .

  6. Lewis 5k cph says:

    We live in the North Hemisphere. We live in Immingham,we have around 2500 people in Immingham. We have the biggest dock in England, the closest Ocean is the North Sea. We have to drive about 10.4 miles to get a beach. We are the only Immingham in the world we don’t have a landmark and countries don’t surround us.

  7. Jake.H. , kyle and declan says:

    Ou hometown is Immingham/ England. We live in the north hemisphere. We have the biggest dock in our Country. 4 is going to be the same as 3. The North Ocean. It takes us 25 mins. 100 people. No. Yes the docks. No.

  8. kiera d 5k cph says:

    Hi I’m Kiera. I live in Immingham, England. I live in the top half of the equater. The special things in Immingham are, we have won Britain in Bloom 2 years in a row. The North Ocean is the closest to us. It takes about 20 mins to get to the beach (10.4 k). I don’t know how many people are in my hometown.In Immingham we dont share our name with an other town. For the last 2 questions I don’t think so. I would love to hear more about your country.

  9. Ciaran 5k CPH says:

    1. We live in Immingham/England
    2 The northern hemisphere
    3. We have won Immingham In Bloom
    4. We are known for the biggest docks in the country
    5. We are closest to the North Sea
    6. We travel 10.4 miles
    7. A few hundred people live in Immingham
    8. No there is no place else called Immingham
    9. We have the pilgrim fathers stone
    10. No there is no countries surrounding us

  10. Liam 5k CPH says:

    1. Immingham,England,UK
    2.The North Hemisphere
    3.Our docks is the largest in the uk.
    4.the Pilgrim stone or the pilgrims being the first Europeans to go to America.
    5.North sea I can see it at the Humber bridge.
    6.10.4 miles
    7. a few hundred people. we don’t as we have searched on google maps,
    9.the pilgram stone
    10.were in the middle of the sea and we are united with
    Scotland and Wales so were the uk.(united kingdom)so no.

  11. Kai 5k CPh says:

    I live in Immingham/England we have the biggest docks
    in britain. Also we have about 2500 people in our town
    and we are famous for the pilgrims. The nearest beach is
    10.4 miles in Grimspy and we live in the Northern Hemisphere.

  12. Bethany5kcph says:

    We live in England and Immingham
    North hemisphere
    The biggest port in England
    The north sea
    10.4miles in car about 20 minutes
    About 350 people
    Pilgrim stone

  13. Brooke Morris 5k cph says:

    1. England/ Immingham
    2. North hemisphere
    3. The docks and we have two churches
    4. Biggest docks
    5. North sea
    6. About 20 minutes in a car
    7. 100-600
    8. Nope
    9. Two churches and docks
    10. Nope

  14. Jake Shakespeare 5k star writers says:

    1.We live in Immingham in the UK.
    2. We are in the northern hemisphere.
    3.The docks and the pilgrims sailed away here.
    4.We are known for the same as Q3 and 2nd place winners in Immingham in Bloom
    5. We are closest to the north sea.
    6.about 10.4 miles
    7.7500 approxamately
    9.Yes we have the isle of man the white cliffs of Dover the Scottish mountain and more

  15. Kai h 5k cph says:

    1. We live in Immingham.
    2. North hemisphere.
    3. Docks because they are the biggest in the country.
    4.biggest docks.
    5.north sea.
    6.10.04 miles.
    7.about 100-600. we don’t.
    9.2 church’s and biggest docks.

  16. Mya5k says:

    I love this blog my hometown is Immingham, England … Our hemisphere is northern.. I don’t think we have anything is special about us, our town is known for the pilgrim
    Fathers. We are closer to the north sea we have to travel about 20 mins to get to a beach .. I don’t know how many people we have in immingham I think we have Scotland and Wales !!!! I don’t know if we ahve a landmark. There is Scotland and Wales around us!!!!

  17. Lewis 5k cph says:

    We live in the north hemisphere and we have around 2500 people in Immingham. We are a small town

  18. Laurel Sutcliffe says:

    Guten Tag 5SK.
    I am an Australian teacher working in Switzerland and I know of your blog because my great-niece, Chantel, is in your class.

    Answers to your questions:
    1. I come from Toowoomba in Queensland but I currently live in Zurich, Switzerland and work in the Zurich International School.
    2. Switzerland is in the Northern Hemisphere so it is winter here at present.
    3. Zurich is built around the shores of Lake Zurich (called ‘Zurichsee’ in German which is the language for this part of Switzerland) but the most spectacular thing about the city is the view of the Alps which at the moment are totally covered in snow ofcourse.
    4. Zurich is known as the Finance Capital of Switzerland which means it is known for its large number of banking institutions but it is the the home of very large businesses as well – Kraft, IBM, Google are some of them.
    5. The closest Ocean is the Atlantic but that is about an 8 – 10 hour drive. The Mediterranean Sea is closer. It is about a six hour drive if I drove to France.
    6. Switzerland is a land-locked country but even though it is quite small (especially compared to Australia) there are very many lakes throughout the country that people swim in during the summer months and people call the shores of these lakes ‘the beach’.
    7. There are approximately 400,000 people in Zurich. Switzerland is a very small country and only has about 8 million people in total.
    8. I don’t know of any other cities called ‘Zurich’ in the world.
    9. Landmark? There is no specific landmark but surrounding mountains make a fairly impressive landmark I think.
    10. Switzerland is surrounded by quite a few countries. One of the smallest countries in the world, Liechtenstein is on the northern border as well as Austria and Germany. Also France and Italy border Switzerland. In one city in Switzerland, Basel, you can stand in Switzerland, France and Germany at the same time as the three borders meet there.
    As a bit of fun when I have visitors I take them on a day trip and we have breakfast in Switzerland, Coffee break in Liechtenstein, lunch in Austria, afternoon-tea in Germany and dinner in France. Five countries in one day (it is only about a three hour drive in total though).

  19. Julia Griffin says:

    Hello there. Thank you for creating this blog. I really enjoyed reading it.

    1. I am Australian but now I live In London

    2. Hemisphere? Now that is a very good question. Have you heard about the Greenwich Meridian? I live in both hemispheres!

    3. Well there are many beautiful old buildings here in London. I love all the parks and gardens here. It appears so green and especially so after being raised in Australia. Spring is wonderful.

    4. People say the Queen is it’s most famous resident. Maybe you could also say Shakespeare? Can I ask you this question? What springs to mind when you think of London?

    5. Like Australia, the UK is an island. A relatively small island in comparison to Australia. The UK lies between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. London is on the Thames River and it flows into the North Sea.

    6. By train or car it may take me about 2 hours.

    7. There are just over 8 million people. Sometimes it feels like more than that and especially when you travel on the underground train system called the Tube!

    8. A few cities and towns around the world are called “London” but I think England’s London is the most famous. There are many place names that London and the UK share in common with Australia. I think this is because of Captain Cook’s journey many years ago. Can you think of a link between “Queensland” and London.

    9. There are many landmarks in London. London Bridge. Buckingham Palace. St Paul’s Cathedral. The buildings really are beautiful.

    10. There are no countries which join the UK but the UK is made up of England,Scotland and Wales. However, you can get to France by a train that travels under the sea in about 2 hours. When I travel home to Australia it takes me about 24 hours so 2 hours to France feels like nixing at all.

  20. Elise says:

    Hi 5SK.
    I am Elise from 10YOC you did a Skype with. My hometown is Vienna in Austria. It is so pretty there. I live in the Northern hemisphere. We are close to the Adriaic sea. About half a million people live in our city. The country’s that surround us is Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

  21. Miss Finnie says:

    Hi there 5SK. I am a Year 6 teacher from the UK just starting blogging with my class. Have you got any tips?

    Answers to your questions:
    1. I’m from Norwich, Norfolk, a county in the east of England.
    2. I live in the northern hemisphere
    3. The city I live in, Norwich, is the most complete medieval city in the country. We have lots of Tudor buildings and even a castle.
    4. Norwich is known for…Delia Smith, Steven Fry, it used to be the capital of England, Canaries Football Club
    5. Closest to the North Sea or Atlantic Ocean.
    6. I’m only about 30mins away from the beach.
    7. Around 132.5 thousand people live in Norwich
    8. I believe there is a Norwich in Connecticut, USA
    9. Not really, perhaps the castle
    10. We are an island. England is connected to Wales and Scotland, with Northern Ireland and Ireland over the Irish Sea.

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