Makerspaces in Schools

Stepping through the doors at EduTech 2015 was an exhilarating experience. Eight thousand attendees were gathering in one location to talk all things education is my equivalent of a shopping spree. There were dazzling resources from one end of South Bank Convention Centre to the other.

One area that caught my eye was the makerspace. It brought out my inner child. There were multiple tables laden with hands-on activities for each of us to complete. I saw teachers create circuit bracelets that glowed when fastened, pianos created out of simple home objects and synthesisers made from tiny magnetic circuits.

All I could think of is how much my students would love these within our school. Keep an eye out for some new additions soon. 🙂

Science – Unit 2

We are very excited to start our second Science unit. Our classroom library is now filled with many wonderful books about planets, astronauts and space discoveries.

5SK are required to research planets, astronauts, astronomers and NASA for their assessment piece. The data collected will then be collated in a PowerPoint in their student folder and published on their KidBlogs.

The ThingLink below will assist with Part A which requires the students to fill in a data table.