The Dark Forest – Tristan

The dark forest leaves wave around as glowing eyes surround me from all corners. I hear a loud scream. The sun disappears faster than my dinner which I haven’t eaten for a long time. My vision goes blurry when fog surrounds me. I see a dark figure in the distance and I start to head towards it. Trees start collapsing, suddenly something pokes me on the back.  I look  around in fear and see a dark ghostly figure behind me. I start running but seem to be going nowhere! There’s no point running, there’s no point running.  I’M DEAD!

Scary Cloak – Ally

“Trick or Treat,” said my friend.We opened our bags to see a river of flowing lollies,we closed our bags and started to walk home. During the steps we took, the wind and fog  started to pick up. It bounced off my mouth and back into the forest. When we were walking a black cloak stood there waiting for the right moment to strike. Weslowly stepped forward and so did the cloak. When it stood forward it started to show some orange teeth and red sickerning eyes. I am speechless.I try to run but I’m stiff. Is this the last of US!

The Forest – Jemma

I walk through what seems like an enchanted forest, the leaves whispering, the blue birds singing and the aroma of the new buds of flowers. I run my fingers along the long wall of trees, they’re tough but somewhat elegant the way their tops dance in the wind. I touch something scaly, REPTILE scaly. I look and see an Anaconda almost entwined within the tree. “AHHHH!” I scream and run, run as fast as my legs would take me. I take a closer look and notice there is  a dark figure approaching me.

The Ghost – Grace

I walk through the woods with the stary night above me . The wind howls in my ear . A shadow appears out of the mist. I stumble back, my head hits the ground.  What is it I wonder. It’s thick black cloak wraps around him, his face is hidden. I try to scream but something covers my mouth. The arms of the cloak lift up, roots wrap around my arms. It goes to reveal itself, but then something cracks in the bushes. The creature hovers away. ”Are you okay,” a voice comes out of the bushes. ”I saw a ghost, I’m dead.”

The Statue – Rhiannon

The dark green leaves floated to the ground as the statue came alive. Its dead wrinkled hands came out of the black cloak. The face appeared. Big black bags darkened the red eyes. The yellow decaying teeth smiled. The glowing eyes widened as the white wrinkle hands pulled out a blood stained knife. “Come hear little girl,” said the old voice. “Come here”. She started to walk. I screamed. I ran. AH! I screamed as I tripped over a head stone. The head stone moved. A small hole appeared. I frantically hobbled over to it and crawled inside. There was a……….

A Black Figure – Connor

Awoooh! as a wolf howls at a big damp lake in the woods. Crunch!Crunch! Leaves crumbling not so far away from us. It goes again and a black figure flashes past me.”What was that!” we yell scared, in fear and terrified. We keep walking slowly until  something behind me grips onto my shoulders and pulls me back to it.”Agghhh,” I yell, “help.” “Don’t worry,” it whispers, “I’m here to help you get out of the woods.” Will I ever get out of the woods? HELP

The Mysterious Person – Emma

Poof! Grey smoke fills the air. A man with a black cape stands in front of us. We could see the his face. He held out a freakishly ugly wand and pointed it at us. He said, “Leave or die” but nobody moved a muscle and you could hear a pin drop. I thought the wand would shoot out fire, lightning or something like that, instead it shot out rainbows and candy. It was hilarious. Suddenly, he unmasked himself and it was my best friend George. A dark figure in the same costume appeared behind George, cackling like an evil witch…

The Maze – Kayah

I cling to his hand the entire time. We go deep into the green maze, not stopping for anything. He pauses staring at something, too far for me to see but I know it’s bad as he pulls up the rifle. “JACK, who’s there, JACK!” I scream. He pulls me into the hollow of an oak tree. I peek my head around but I can’t see anything. A shadowy figure appears a few metres away. I go to scream but I can’t. I turn my head to look at him with fear in my eyes. Get me out of here.



The Statue – Chantel

Tap tap. I turn around and nothing is there, only tall, dark brown trees. I hear a whispering noise. It is saying, “Come with me, come with me.” Whoosh, a black coat zooms past me. I yell, “Who are you?” Something taps me on the shoulder again. I look back and nothing is there, only huge trees and a black statue. I read the plaque – Be warned, I’m your worst  nightmare. The statue comes to life. I screamed, “Aaaahhhhh!” I run as fast as I can. I think it’s all clear, I walk out slowly. Oh no. It grab me!

The Cloak – Mack

I rush into the deep and dark forest and stop. In front of me is a black cloak floating eerily. I walk up to it and hear whispering but I can’t understand. It falls and starts to chase me deeper into the forest. I run as fast as I can but it’s not fast enough. It’s gaining on me. I stumble across a pool of fish and turn around at the black cloak. It starts to suck something out of the fish. I think to myself, am I next.? It slowly turns and hovers towards me mysteriously.


Tie Dye Shirts

5SK were given white shirts to mark their participation in the 2014 Global Read Aloud in week 1 of this term. They were then given the challenge of researching and designing a tie dyed pattern to transform their shirt.

We were VERY lucky to have Mrs C and Fran join us on Friday morning to create our masterpieces. Thank you both for all of your help.

Ms. Gail & Grade 5

Term 4 is turning out to be the best one yet. Not only are we participating in the Global Read Aloud and 100 Word Challenge but we are also making some wonderful connections with classes around the globe.


Meet Ms. Gail and Grade 5 from Columbus, Ohio in the United States.  We look forward to connecting during our Seven Steps to Writing Success daily activities and hopefully we can challenge each other with some hands on math problems.