Reading in 5SK


Whole Class
We are currently reading our second Kate DiCamillo book, The Tiger Rising. Kate is an amazing author which we discovered after reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane last term. As you can see by the photo we still have two others waiting to be read.

Individual Reading

5SK have their very own baskets to put good fit books into. They silently read each day after first break. 5SK and I have discussed the importance of selecting a good fit book. (CAFE Reading) They need to have a purpose, interest, comprehend what they are reading and know almost all of the words.




Home Reading

5SK take home a Reading A- Z book each week at their current level. On Monday morning they meet with Mrs M and discuss their book in Literacy Circle time.



Guided Reading & Close Reading

This term we are using Reading A-Z books and two new products, Close Reading Guided Reading and TBE by Jennifer Jones at Hello Literacy.

Close Reading/Guided Reading - These texts are short and are about topics relevant to students. Each article is written in 4 different Lexile levels which has allowed all students in the room to participate. After each session the students have activities to complete based on the article which encourages deeper understanding.

TBE – Mrs B will be running these sessions with groups of students. We are using TBE to teach the students the strategies of finding the evidence in the text.


Global Read Aloud

5SK and I are very excited for the Global Read Aloud that starts in October. We will be collaborating with classes around the world on our book, One for the Murphy’s. This collaboration will run for six weeks and we will participate in many activities through our Edublog, KidBlog, Twitter and hopefully Skype.

Leading up to October, 5SK will be creating their very own shirts to celebrate their involvement in this amazing event.

The Global Read Aloud


5SK are very excited to start Geography this semester. The following video by Kien Lam introduces the concept of the world being an amazing place to explore and discover.

Speeding Around the World in Under 5 Minutes Time Lapse.

Adventures of Miss Ellis

Hello Mrs Scharf’s class 2014,

My name is Claire and I am currently an Au Pair in a little village outside of Oxford, England. I am from Bowen and I had the privilege of having Mrs Scharf as a teacher in years 5 and 6 (in 2005 and 2006).

I am having a wonderful time in England. My job involves doing a lot of things to help out around the house and looking after two little children, a boy and a girl. Ben is 3 years old and loves tractors and playing outside! Lydia is 2 years old and loves cuddles and playing with her little pram!

Living in Oxford means that I am very close to London. It’s only takes me about an hour to get to London, so I have been there lots of times and love it! Whilst being in England I have also travelled to Wales, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Florence and Venice. I also plan to go to many other places in Europe.

Recently I have been to watch Wimbledon (the tennis tournament) and have also been to Capital Summertime Ball (a concert with a lot of wonderful singers).

How is your year going? What exciting things has your class been doing this year?

I hope to hear from your class soon when you get back from holidays! I am also happy to answer any questions you have about anything!

From Claire

Guided Inquiry

5SK are investigating breakfast cereals. Next week they will conduct a survey to find out whether  most students prefer nutritional breakfast cereals.

In class today, 5SK are looking at the nutrition panels of some of our breakfast cereals and rating them as either good, acceptable or poor based on their fat, sugar, sodium and fibre content.

JustRight PlusProtein SultanaBran UncleTobysOats BeNatural Weetbix


5SK – Document your learning in your workbooks today.

Q1 – Who are you going to survey?

Q2 – How many students will you need to survey to get an accurate result?

Q3 – What questions are you going to ask to collect this data?

Q4 – How will you record your results?

Create a rough draft of your survey questions and your chosen data collection method.

100 Word Challenge #34 – Lachlan

Sinking Boat

I’m sitting in the boat fishing. Suddenly, I catch something big! Is it a mackerel? No, it is a shark! I hear this chomping sound. Suddenly I see water gushing in. “Where is the shotgun?” “There,” said Dad. I pick it up and boom, the shark is dead. But now I have bigger problems. I get the silicon to clog up the hole. No! We ran out. I grab the bucket and shovel out the water.  Dad yells, ” Let the flare out as I hear a helicopter.” Dad lets the flare go so we are saved but the helicopter is not here yet.


100 Word Challenge #34 – Alexanda

Trap Factory

Tip! Tap! Tip! I was all by myself in the Trap Factory, trying to find out a mystery. I stood on an old brick, these things started flying at me like a bird but faster. I was terrified, I heard  my breath and heart pounding hard. Nets and ropes came at me. I tried to run but where could I go? They froze because someone turned them off. I saw someone dressed up but didn’t see their face. They said, “Meet me in the town square.” That night I did. I sat on a chair, strapped to the chair, but where could I go?


100 Word Challenge #34 – Connor

The Giant Roller Coaster

I’m at home but where could I go next? I come up with a great idea. Movie World! I step into the large playground. Click! The bars go over me. I’m in the biggest roller coaster. Whaazam! We shoot down the rails with a frightened feeling in my tummy. I held on to the bars in front of me with all of my strength. I’m feeling better. Now I’m excited. Whoosh! Zoom! Kapow! I’m going on thousands and thousands of roller coasters. This is the best day of my life. I wish this would never end.


100 Word Challenge #34 – Grace

Musty scented mist filled the quiet room. My eyes squinted, my mind flooded with questions. What was it? What did it mean? Where did it come from? The hairs on my neck prickled, “Your wish is my command” called to me from what appeared as a teapot on the table. I edged closer. Yes it was a teapot. Leaning over I peered into the pot. “Your wish is my command,” echoed again. “Who are you?” I murmured. I am the genie of the teapot. I will grant you a trip. My breath caught in my throat. I had a wish but where could I go?