The Fence in the Bush

Bob bought the gear to fence the lane so finally we can make a start. We put the wire roller on the back of the truck and headed out into the scrub. Bob followed a dusty old road for 5km and we reached where the bulldozer had cleared a track for the lane. Bob, the boys and I got the first strain out and headed back to the truck for a drink as the sun was as hot as fire burning glass. A thunderous sound echoes from up in the hills. We suddenly turn and excitedly look at the dust storm racing fiercely down the hill.


100 Word Challenge


100 Word Challenge


The 100 Word Challenge starts again this week. This is a perfect challenge to promote student writing and develop the skills necessary for our next narrative assessment. Through 100WC, 5SK are consolidating their understanding of the Seven Steps to Writing Success. Last semester we were very fortunate to have two of our students, Rhiannon and Lewis,  showcased for their excellent writing on the 100 Word Challenge blog. I am very excited to see how many students make the showcase this semester.

Our first prompt is:

…… finally we can make a start…….

Students must use the prompt as it is written and only use 106 words total. (including prompt)

I have asked 5SK to type their stories up at home if they have access to a computer. They can either post on their KidBlog or save on a USB. We will visit the lab each week for students to complete their task. (Please note: Students who do not have access can type theirs up during lab time)

It is very important that students enjoy this task. I have encouraged them to brainstorm ideas before writing to create a plan. Homework program runs on Mondays and Wednesdays and 5SK are more than welcome to stay after school and write then.

Global Read Aloud – Class Shirts

There is only one month until the Global Read Aloud starts. Over 150, 000 students from 30 countries on 6 continents will be participating this year. I hope to create shirts with 5SK that they can wear on select days during the 6 week global collaboration. All help would be greatly appreciated.

If you can assist in any way, please contact the school and leave your details.


September Photo Challenge

I am very excited to announce that I have accepted Miss Smith’s September photo challenge. Each day 5SK as a class will need to take and tweet a themed photo. I look forward to seeing how creative 5SK can be with their creations.

During the challenge, 5SK will need to think about internet safety and remember not to  include faces in their captured images. I will challenge them to think outside the box with their designs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.38.42 pm

Class Movie

Emma has saved all of her good behaviour cards over the last 2 terms so that 5SK can have a movie and popcorn session in our classroom. Well done Emma


Learning our Multiplication Tables

Mrs B and I am so proud of 5SK. They have been working so hard on learning their tables this year. Twelve students moved to a new target last week and 5 students are super keen to be tested this week. Well done to you all.