Persuasive Writing – Minecraft

5SK are currently developing their persuasive writing skills. Our current unit requires them to write a feature article about bats at Larossa Bay. Over the last few weeks we have worked through some of Jen McVeity’s Seven Steps for Writing Success.

Brainstorming was first on our agenda as it is so important prior to writing. The students were given a range of topics from the Seven Steps Persuasive booklet. We worked on this skill for a whole week in groups, pairs and then individually.

Students were then shown how to map this information on the Seven Steps story graph in week 2. From there we worked on TEEL paragraphs, Sizzling Starts and Exciting endings.

5SK then created a persuasive together around getting Minecraft into schools.

Creating for the Future

Students are clustered around the Minecraft stations creating historical digital worlds. Ideas are flowing in quick succession back and forth between the teams. What are they designing? Their future!

Minecraft would be a great addition to every classroom in Queensland. The program promotes learning through hands on creativity. Students can recreate historical events, make math videos for peers and design animated stories. To enhance students’ education, Minecraft must be included in the Queensland curriculum.

Working towards a common goal using Minecraft enhances students’ social skills. They learn to communicate, work within a team and interact with others positively. Minecraft challenges students to build their confidence around others when building upon classmates ideas. Access to Minecraft will encourage the development of social skills within the primary classroom.

Jobs of the future will require vast technology skills. Students will need experience and ongoing access to a wide variety of new technologies. Programs such as Minecraft will lay the foundation for growth and pave the way for continuing success.

Minecraft must be introduced into Queensland schools. It will develop creative students who can collaborate as a team on a common goal. Do something now to provide our students with future career opportunities!

Science – Unit 2

We are very excited to start our second Science unit. Our classroom library is now filled with many wonderful books about planets, astronauts and space discoveries.

5SK are required to research planets, astronauts, astronomers and NASA for their assessment piece. The data collected will then be collated in a PowerPoint in their student folder and published on their KidBlogs.

The ThingLink below will assist with Part A which requires the students to fill in a data table.

100 Word Challenge: Fairytale

Once upon a time there lived a tall beautiful princess named Diana. She was the most popular girl in town. The strong brave Prince David was riding his muscular horse through the busy town searching for Diana. The ugly evil wizard Hugo lived in a small stick shack in the deep dark deserted forest where Diana lived. When Diana finished shopping she walked home until she saw the old wooden shack and she had to have a look inside. The door yells as she opens it! There was magic everywhere as she fell helplessly to the dirty brown floor.


100 Word Challenge: The Sign

Ererererererererer. I rushed out of bed and opened my bedroom door. Next thing you know my annoying little brother was standing there with his tiny red bongo drums bashing it like it was his worst enemy. My sister danced out of her room yelling, “It is so exciting, we are going to the circus today!” Okay, I must admit that was really weird but anyway I start walking towards the kitchen. I pour some cornflakes in a bowl. I eat one cornflake and I notice something. There are all these signs saying ‘Lion on the run’. My family comes in and I hear a ROAR!


100 Word Challenge: Can’t Believe My Eyes

I was sitting under a big shady tree. My mind was bored so I got out my drum and saw a cornflake on it. I put it in my pocket and started playing. While I was playing a lion came out and danced. I was frozen and speechless, so shocked but it was exciting. The lion ran quickly at me so I ran too. My foot slipped and I grasped a branch. The lion stared at me and I realised that it wanted the cornflake. I threw it up and the lion ran away. “OH NO,” as my hurting slimy hand slipped. Will I survive?


The Dance

Week 30 Monday 27 April 20 The prompt is: …Drum…Cornflake…Exciting…Lion…Danced

The strong beat of a drum caused my heart to pound like a lion, stomping on my chest. I was excited yet nervous. My first dance in front of 1000 people! All of a sudden there was loud applause. I gazed down at my shoes, my cornflake like button winked back at me. “Fingers crossed,” I say to myself as I walk on stage. This was the most exciting moment of my life. My feet took control, I danced away across the stage. My body swayed to the sounds. My mind forgot about everything around me. I danced too close to the edge and slipped!


The Painting

The golden maned animal hung upon the old brick wall. The antique frame that wrapped around him exploded with crystal light. Suddenly a drum starts playing. As I look closely at the painting, the lion danced towards the face of the canvas. I meet him at the edge. His furry paw stretches out snatching a cornflake from my bowl. His crunching makes a piercing sound which echoes through my eardrums. His sticky paw returns, searching for more. A wet black nose came out next, sniffing cautiously. Before I knew it, he stood grandly in front of me. What was this exciting circumstance going to bring?


100 Word Challenge – Buried Treasure

My peg leg squelches through the soft golden sand. “Squawk!” says Polly as she pecks at my leather eye patch. My sharp hook leads me through the vines, slicing them as we walk. The map crinkles as I squeeze it tighter and tighter making my fist go white. Finally Polly yells, “X marks the spot, x marks the spot!” We run until we reach the marked X yelling, “I did it, I did it!” My knees sink into the sand, my hands dig swiftly until I hit something hard. The chest felt heavy like a boulder as I hurled it out of the hole.
By Zanna

Math Overview: Unit 4

This is an overview of our next math unit. Our unit overviews are displayed in our classroom as well as in student books. We reflect on them daily by marking off our completed lessons.

I was very excited to create my first info graphic using Piktochart. The process was fun and the program was very easy to follow.

Math Overview_ Year 5, Unit 4

Math Gameboard Unit 4

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.56.06 am

The Great Tightening Tension Challenge

Our students are currently working on their English assessment which is a fantasy narrative. We use Seven Steps to Writing Success in our school as it teaches the students the skills required to build a story. Each step is taught in chunks, focusing on key concepts. This week, 5SK are creating their tightening tension paragraphs which we also call our pebble, rock and boulder. To implement this wonderful program, students work in a variety of groupings.

Today 5SK  participated in an online writing challenge with classes from four other schools in Queensland and South Australia. We used Padlet to run our session as it publishes student work instantly. This is the second time we have run this type of activity. Last week students created sizzling starts with three other Australian classes using the same format.

They were given a picture prompt today and asked to brainstorm their senses – see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel. From there, each group created at least two tightening tension paragraphs around the prompt and posted online with the help of Mrs Franklin (Principal), Mrs Gummow (Master Teacher/HOC) and Helen (our lovely parent volunteer).

As the day passes, and the night goes, I see something edging closer. The boat rocks, Brandy turns to me helplessly, I feel worried and scared. Then a loud grunting noise is heard, the taste of salt is sneaked through my mouth as the clouds clear. I’m stunned, I’m paralized with fear. I can smell something, it smells rotten, suddenly the dead fish rise. “I’m hungry” my brother complains, I want to go home. If only, I think to myself, I feel like crying, but then I would be looked as a weakling.¬†Charlee – Merinda Senior, Yr 6

Over the horizon I peer through the sun set drifting away. Ready to pack up I get a cold shiver down my boney spine, from the foggy mist. I can smell the salty fish that we caught earlier this morningsuddenly I can hear water splashing beside the boat. Circling us were three pointy fins. Ivy, Chloe, Jasmine & Emily – Mount Gambier, YR 4/5

We were surrounded by 10 metre man killing sharks. We were all screaming. One nearly flicked us in the face. We could feel the boat shaking with the waves. There was a big hole in the boat. We didn’t know what to do.¬†Gypsy, Brody and Jack – Merinda 3/4R

Crack! The boat starts rapidly filling with salty water. All of a sudden grey pointy objects start circling like a cheetah chasing its prey. Sweat starts running down my face as I pace back and forth. Will this be my last moment? Zanna, David, Hugo, Ayden, Ellie & Levi – Queens Beach, Yr 5SK

The deep ocean started filling the boat.It entered in gushes of waves.We were filled with fear.We heard the waves crashing.Then we saw tiger sharks! They swarmed around the boat and started biting chunks off the boat.The boat started jerking and sinking like a rock!The Sharks are threatening us.We smell salty blood from their jaws as they bite the the side of the Oakwood boat.CRACK! Part of the boat is lopped off.We hear nothing but crunching and us screaming.The hot breath of our mouths was horrible so was our skin.We have no help now…..RAWR!!!¬†Elissa, Hannah, Hayley and Charlotte – Brisbane, Yr 5/6

CLUNK! CLUNK! What was that? Oh no our motor had fallen off into the deep black ocean. Fierce hungry sharks were surrounding us. That is not any shark, that is 5 Great White sharks! We were petrrified and nervous. Our hearts were hammering. 2 sharks were charging right at us. Would we live? Bobby and Cameron – Bowen, Yr 3C

Here is our completed Padlet.